Sunday, April 14, 2019

Back with blog and book

Hello there, after a hiatus I'm back to this blog. Since my last post I have been working on an awesome/cool/savage podcast with writer and broadcaster Gareth Stack, Psychology in Mind.  I've also set up a Twitter specific to my blog: follow @ArchivePsych 

I've been working on a book, a sort of fiction/non-fiction hybrid. Expect some excerpts to appear here in the coming months. Here's a brief outline:

"Manipulate" (working title) comprises an introductory lecture series to psychology, juxtaposed with the life of Professor David Hector, who is delivering these lectures. During his lectures, David espouses high ethical standards (albeit in a cynical manner). Outside of teaching hours, David emotionally abuses his husband and mistress, bullies his colleagues and is facing accusations of sexual harassment. Although he has thus far led a charmed life, his increasingly brazen manipulation of others is causing his professional and personal life to unravel.

The segments of the book include (a). events in David’s personal life, (b). a lecture from his introduction to psychology module - these lectures are interspersed with David’s thoughts as he delivers the lecture, and (c). events in his work at the university.

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